4 Tips for Your Cat's First Boarding Trip

4 Tips for Your Cat's First Boarding Trip

We provide some great tips for helping your Cat's first boarding trip a success. Everything you need to know to make their first experience a fun, stress free success!

Dropping your cat off for their first boarding trip can feel a lot like waving goodbye to your kid on their first day of school! Between packing, drop off, and pick up, there are plenty of details to consider. Stress less with these 4 Tips for Making Your Cat's First Stay a Success.

Pack A Lunch

Avoid dietary changes prior to boarding. The key to a successful first stay is keeping your cat's routine as normal as possible. Bring plenty of food and be sure to inform your boarder of any dietary restrictions. Does your cat have a favorite treat? Pack an extra bag for days when kitty might need a little extra encouragement.

A Touch of Home

Help your cat to feel extra secure by bringing a favorite toy, blanket, or t-shirt that smells like you. Gather a small basket of items that will make your kitty feel at home. It's okay to spoil your pet while he or she is on vacation! Consider packing some extra treats like jingle balls and catnip bubbles. This will teach your cat to associate boarding with a happy, positive experience. Our kitty savvy staff loves it when clients bring toys from home for daily individual play sessions!

Health Check

Make a list of your cats medications and note any special needs your board may need to know. A handy checklist will ensure you don't forget anything in the rush of emotions that come with dropping your furbaby off for his or her first kitty vacation. Got a particularly anxious feline? Including products such as a Thundershirt and Feliway Calming Spray can help your cat settled into their new environment.

Make It Fun!

Remember, boarding should be a positive experience for you and your cat! Capture of photo of your pet's first day and let our kitty camp counselors provide you with an Instagram worthy snap of your cat during one of our individual play sessions.

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