The New Puppy Checklist

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The New Puppy Checklist

What's more fun than a new puppy? Setting up the perfect pup approved home for your best furry friend!

What's more fun than a new puppy? Setting up the perfect pup approved home for your best furry friend!

Prepping for a puppy is a lot like what to expect when you're expecting. First time dog owners especially might be a tad overwhelmed when it comes to putting together a shopping list for their bundle of terror. Make it easy on yourself and your pup by preparing your household in advance of a new pet's arrival.

Nourish Pet Care offers fabulously fast and convenient pet supply delivery in Houston! You'll fall in puppy love with our handy online ordering checklist for everything you need to welcome a new arrival.

1.) Food

Diet is the most important part of a growing puppy's routine. Be sure to select age appropriate nutrition to fuel all of your adventures. For pet parents looking to stick to a holistic dog food, Taste of the Wild and Orijen are just a few of the fabulous varieties of all natural, high protein puppy food available at Nourish. 

2.) Toys

Did someone say playtime? Having fun with your new puppy isn't just the best part of the day. Playtime is how your dog stays active, learns about their environment, and keeps the boredom at bay (and unwanted behavior like chewing). Opt for a variety of toys from plushies to balls. We promise your puppy will love them all!

3.) Crate

Your new puppy's crate is his safe haven. Be sure to invest in a high quality space that allows sufficient room for bowls, mats, and a favorite blanket, while still maintaining a snug, den-like aesthetic for your miniature wolf. An easy to clean crate will come in handy for potty training too!

4.) Bedding

Keep cozy with beds, mats, and blankets. Depending on the size of your dog, getting a bed that will grow with your puppy is a great idea to ensure long lasting snugness and sweet dreams all around.

5.) Potty Pads

Accidents happen. Be prepared with a generous supply of puppy pads to get you through every "oops" moment. Don't worry; with a little time and patience, your new friend will master the art of canine potty training.

6.) Chews

This item deserves its own place on the new puppy checklist. Don't make the rookie mistake of thinking toys are enough to keep a teething puppy occupied! Puppies and young dogs need plenty of chews to prevent them from gnawing on furniture, especially while their owners are away.

Got a large breed pup on the way? Bully Sticks are a favorite for extra tough chewers.

7.) Treats

Don't forget the treats! From training to rewards, dog treats are essential when it comes to shopping for a new arrival. Nourish features quality holistic pet treats that are nutritious as well as tasty. Try whole jerky bites or freeze-dried goodies for your good boy or girl.

8.) Bowls

Picking out the cutest bowls and feeders will make your new puppy feel more at home. Consider your dog's breed and size when selecting the best bowl and go with an antibacterial, easy to clean option like stainless steel.

9.) Leash

Last but not least, leash up for all your adventures! Get the best gear for every life stage at Nourish, because shopping for a new puppy should be as easy as a walk in the park.

Got questions? Our experts are here as your personalized paw parent support squad! Drop us a line today and share your new furbaby journey with the Nourish team! 


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