The Pet Parents' Guide to Finding the Best Pet Supplies

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The Pet Parents' Guide to Finding the Best Pet Supplies

Not long ago, pet parents simply picked up a bag of cat or dog food while shopping. There weren't additional choices. Thankfully, pet owners now have a wonderful variety of options when considering food for their loved ones. What are the great qualities of each?

Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food

This food choice provides the handy convenience of storing raw food on your pantry shelf at room temperature. You won't need to waste freezer space because this food option freezes raw meat while it's fresh. Later, moisture is removed by placing the food under pressure rather than exposing it to heat. The result is an easy-to-store dry pouch.


  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to rehydrate — just add water
  • Conveniently portable, on-the-go option
  • Nuggets are a tasty option for training
  • Effective transition to a raw-food diet

Frozen Raw Pet Food

When you cut meats, vegetables, and other ingredients and place them in the freezer, you are following the same basic steps used for this type of pet food. It involves meat and other raw ingredients that are simply frozen while fresh. Some raw-food supporters believe this feeding option can produce shiny coats, healthy skin, cleaner teeth, and higher energy levels.


  • High-quality nutrients retained by quickly freezing
  • No preservatives needed to extend shelf life
  • Lack of additives and preservatives make food easier to digest

Dry Pet Food

This popular form of food for our beloved pets has been around for many years. It is the result of ingredients that have been mixed, baked, and bagged.


  • Help prevent tartar and plaque buildup on teeth
  • Leave food out for grazing without the worry of spoilage
  • Economical
  • Easy to store and carry for travel

Canned Pet Food

Opening a container of wet pet food is another popular option for pet owners. Both fresh and frozen meats are often involved, and they are blended with other ingredients before cooking to enhance flavor and texture.


  • Good source of hydration when pets don't drink enough
  • Food scent is more appealing to many animals than other forms of food
  • Canned food has a long shelf life
  • Easier to consume for animals with tooth problems
  • A popular option for many finicky eaters

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