Front Porch Pets Chef David Simply Tilapia Cat Treat, .5 oz box

"Simply Tilapia" Cat Treats are a delicious snack. Our fish are freshly harvested from our own greenhouse aquaponics growing system. We freeze dry our fish to quickly lock in all the flavor and nutrition. Give your cat something to prowl about with our si

Front Porch Pets Sam's Yams Bichon Fries Sweet Potato Dog Treat, 9 oz bag

Made of sweet potato only but cut like French fries. Perfect for smaller breeds as a chew, or a treat for larger dogs.

Front Porch Pets Sam's Yams Big Boyz Sweet Potato Dog Treat, 15 oz bag

Made of very thick slabs of sweet potato, dehydrated. Designed for larger breeds, but smaller dogs will enjoy them as well and they will last them a good long time. Each slice is perforated in order to assist in the dehydration of such a large piece. The

Front Porch Pets Sam's Yams Veggie “Rawhide” Sweet Potato Dog Treat, 14 oz bag

An excellent chew for all dog sizes. Made of whole thick slabs of sweet potato, dehydrated. The chews have a hard surface, excellent for dental health, and a chew-ability that dogs love. Smaller breeds will chew these for fifteen to twenty five minutes. M


Front Porch Pets makes the original potato dog chew - Sam's Yams. Chef created and patented for dental health. Our goal is to provide real foods that benefit the health of all animals.

Our ingredients are unparalleled in wholesomeness, many grown on our farm, in our garden, orchard or greenhouses. Fresh and exceptional quality.