3 Reasons to Feed Your Cat's Inner Beast: The Benefits of a Wet Food Diet

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3 Reasons to Feed Your Cat's Inner Beast: The Benefits of a Wet Food Diet

It may be hard to believe that your sofa dwelling, lap warming little snugglebug has the heart of a tiger! Just like their wild ancestors, cats require wholesome, nutrient dense protein to thrive. Many common health problems are preventable by incorporating more of your pet's natural diet into their everyday meal routine. Whether that means feeding wet food exclusively, or a blend of wet and dry for a manageable balance, consider these 3 Reasons to Feed Your Cat's Inner Beast.

1.) Protein Rich

When selecting the right diet for your best feline friend, it's important to keep in mind that not all protein is created equal. Percentages and nutritional information can be tricky to decipher. It's a common myth that dry food contains a higher protein content than wet. A high protein percentage may simply indicate lower moisture.

To help your cat maintain a healthy weight and an active lifestyle, opt for wet foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Careful not to pair healthy with unhealthy! Overfeeding in other ways is like giving your furbaby broccoli with a side of candy. If you plan to feed a combination of wet and dry to allow for free feeding, it's important to select high quality, preservative and grain free dry food that fits nicely into your cat's foodie goals.

2.) Moisture Dense

Wet food is comprised of 75% water content, which is roughly equivalent to a cat's natural diet. In the wild, cats consume fresh prey with a high water content. In fact, wild felines spend very little time drinking and get the majority of their hydration from diet alone.

It's easy to see where traditional dry food diets fall short when it comes to providing your cat with the moisture he or she needs for daily activity. Lack of proper hydration can lead to kidney problems in later life and chronic urinary tract disease. Luckily, there are many options on the holistic pet owner's shopping list that range from packets and cans for easy feeding to freeze dried options for less mess between meals.

3.) A Reason to Smile

We've addressed how a wet food diet can mimic your cat's natural nutrition, but it's relevant to note that cans or pouches also allow cats to eat the way their mighty ancestors would. Rather than chewing and crunching, wet food promotes their inner carnivore and saves their teeth! Wild cats gulp down their prey. This type of eating prevents tooth decay, gingivitis (yuck!), and many other dental problems.

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