4 Things to Consider When Shopping for the Right Cat Boarding Facility

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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for the Right Cat Boarding Facility

Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a much needed vacation, choosing the right cat boarding facility is on your know-before-you-go list. Our little furbabies take up a big space in our hearts. It's only natural to worry about them we're gone and want to ensure that they're receiving the best possible care. Traditional kennels give off a "pet prison" vibe that's anything but reassuring. 

At Nourish Pet Care, we prefer the term "resort." Houston's only luxury cat boarding facility is here for your feline friend for short term stays, long holidays, and everything in between. Discover these 4 Things to Consider When Shopping for the Right Cat Boarding Facility

Safety and Security

If you've ever turned your back on a playful kitten for five minutes, you know there's no limit to the amount of mischief cats can get into when left unattended. When their routine is disrupted and they're placed in a new environment, cats can be highly unpredictable and often engage in bad behavior out of boredom, confusion, or anxiety. This transition period can include hiding and escape attempts! It's important to look for a facility where you and your pet can feel secure. This will save you the stress of worrying and allow both of you to enjoy your time away.

Nourish features 24/7 monitored security, so even the spunkiest of guests stay out of trouble. This is ideal for young cats and kittens enjoying their first luxury boarding experience.

The Comfort of Home

Every cat goes through a period of adjustment. Maintaining consistency and emulating the comforts of home as much as possible is key. A good cat boarding facility should feature individualized playtime with their favorite toys from home. Elements of the familiar help your kitty to feel relaxed. Plenty of one-on-one care and attention is key for any guest, but especially beneficial to senior cats and special needs kitties who may require a little extra TLC. And because we love our special kitties, Nourish is happy to administer medications at no additional charge!

Temperature control is also maintained through independent ventilation systems that keep kitties comfortable at all times of the year.

Space and Boundaries

We all know dogs and other animals can cause our feline friends a great deal of stress. A cats-only boarding facility is one of the most important factors to look for when choosing a place to house your pet. You'll also want to ensure that there is no co-mingling between cat condos as this can lead to fights, trauma, and accidents. 

Curious about what the ideal kitty cabana might look like? Take a tour of the facility prior to boarding.


This last one may sound like it's more for owners, but the truth is that sometimes travel is unexpected. Family emergencies and work related trips can often come unplanned. Find a cat boarding facility you can trust with last minute bookings. Ask questions to ascertain the staff's knowledge and find out what options are available for last minute drop-off's before you need to utilize this service.

Make note of the small details. Will a boarding facility provide food if you happen to forget? Nourish Pet Care offers guests the option of sticking to their own diet or chowing down on our premium, natural pet food diets. Are early drop-off's and late pick-up's allowed? What about email updates with photos of your pet to ease your mind? 

All of these high-end cat boarding features all of these "extra's," plus many more luxurious ways to treat your cat to the best staycation ever! Make a reservation today for your kitty's pampering retreat.

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