Beat the Flea This Summer with 3 Preventative Tips

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Beat the Flea This Summer with 3 Preventative Tips

Summer is the perfect time for playing, exploring, and enjoying the outdoors with your best furry friend. Don't let itching, scratching, and hot spots ruin your pet's sunny disposition. Warm weather and high humidity provide extremely hospitable conditions for fleas to thrive. Untreated flea infestations can quickly grow out of control and may result in tapeworms (yuck!). Luckily, offense is the best defense when it comes to making sure your dog or cat doesn't become a summer flea picnic! Beat the Flea with These 3 Preventative Tips.

1.) Topical Flea Busters

Implementing a preventative regimen that fits your budget and lifestyle is the first step in protecting your pet this summer. Of course, outdoor pets are the most susceptible to fleas. If you and your dog enjoy summer hikes, adding Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment to your adventure gear is a must.

Indoor cats are at risk too, as flea eggs can lay dormant in bedding, carpet, and even under fingernails! Bayer Advantage for Cats is the go-to topical solution for keeping your kitty healthy, comfortable, and bite-free. Flea collars, hot spot relief ointments, and a range of easy-to-hide-in-peanut-butter tablets and pills are readily available to provide relief all season long.

2.) Natural Solutions

Many pet parents prefer to choose a holistic option whenever possible for their furbabies. Natural flea prevention begins with the basics. Invest in a fine toothed flea comb suited to your pet's size.

Next, check out some of the herbal sprays available such as Animal Essentials and Wondercide. Holistic flea prevention products are pesticide free and repel bugs with a host of natural ingredients from lemongrass to cedar oil. A tried and true method of keeping the fleas away!

3.) Spring Cleaning

If you'd prefer not to host this year's flea circus, start preparing now for a flea-proof home this summer. Fleas often live in porous areas such as on bedding or carpet. Wash and vacuum your dog or cat's bed regularly and shampoo rugs to prevent unwanted "guests."

If you've been looking for motivation to keep your lawn in order, consider the fact that fleas and ticks thrive in tall grass. Avoid letting your pet roam free through areas of dense brush. If you've picked up a few "travelers," a flea bath (available in medicated formulas and natural remedies) is the first step in tackling the problem before an infestation can occur. 

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