Coconut Oil by Coco Therapy

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Coconut Oil by Coco Therapy

Cocotherapy Coconut Oil

Fish oils have long been used for our pets as a way to promote healthy skin and coat condition.  But have you heard about the new contender to your regular salmon or fish oils: coconut oil?  At Nourish Pet Care in Houston, TX, where you can find an extensive selection of natural supplements as well as natural foods for your pet, CocoTherapy’s coconut oil for pets can be found on the shelves as well!

While fish oil is still a wonderful supplement to give dogs and cats, coconut oil can add variety into your pet’s rotation.  Like foods, it is essential to rotate your supplements as well for your pet to receive a multitude of different nutrients, and for their body to use all of them efficiently.   What else can coconut oil offer?  Here are some benefits that might help persuade you to pick up a jar of Cocotherapy for your pets!


Coconut Oil by Coco Therapy

Coconut Oil by Coco Therapy

Coconut oil is another source of fatty acid that can help with skin and coat condition when taken internally.  Many dogs (and cats!) will gladly eat coconut oil mixed in with their food, and the amount given will depend on the weight and size of your pet.   This oil can also absorb nicely into the skin if your pet is experiencing any minor dry spots, irritations, or hot spots.  Using the coconut oil can help relieve irritation, as it is also a great source of lauric acid, which can prevent the growth of bacteria.  Not only is it good for the skin and coat, but it can also improve digestion and even help reduce allergic reactions in sensitive pets.


Like most fatty acids and Omega 3’s, coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.  Not only could it help with inflammation of the skin, but it can also be a frontline defense against arthritis or any other stiffness of hips and joints in your pet and can improve mobility in the long run.


Coconut oil does not need to be kept refrigerated, just placed in a cooler storage area not in direct light such as a cabinet.  This oil can be served as a liquid or a solid, depending on the temperature surrounding it, and it will not go bad no matter how many times it changes!  Cocotherapy has conducted tests with their coconut oils, and many after three years of being used and stored again have shown no signs of rancidity!

Next time you run out of fish oil, why not pick up a jar of Cocotherapy’s coconut oil instead?  These are only a few of the benefits it has to offer, and your pet will thank you!

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