So You Brought Home a New Dog: Now What?

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So You Brought Home a New Dog: Now What?

Whether you've added a puppy to the family or adopted a sweet senior, bringing home a new dog is an exciting -- and sometimes overwhelming -- occasion. There's a wealth of information available when it comes to food, toys, grooming, and all things canine. We're here to make the journey to pup-parenthood a little easier with this handy checklist for your furbaby. 

Down to the Basics


Selecting the right food for your new family member can be daunting. The key is to focus on species appropriate nutrition. It's easy to forget that our favorite cuddle buddy is a wolf at heart! Dogs are omnivores that thrive on a high protein, grain-free diet with no added fillers. There are many options to choose from, including raw and kibble varieties. It's important to consider not only the nutritional value, but how feasible each option is for your budget and lifestyle.

Acana is one of the most popular formulas for dry food, offering holistic nutrition for all life stages. Orijen's puppy formula is also a great choice for energetic youngsters! 

If you've decided to incorporate soft and canned food to your pet's diet, Evanger's is a tasty pick for allergy-prone breeds like Shepherds and Labs.

Consider pet food delivery for the Houston area to make you and your dog's routine easy and reliable.


Don't forget to pick up the tableware! Stainless steel bowls are the preferred, durable feeding station that is both weather and wear resistant. A raised bowl can provide easy access to food and improve digestion in sensitive stomachs.


No matter their age, dogs love to play! Toys provide mental stimulation, exercise, and the chance to bond with your new bestie. Try a variety of textures and chews to keep your pet occupied. Interactive toys like KONG's are great to leave in your dog's crate or when he or she is home alone. Boredom is the number one cause of destructive behavior! Keep the crazy at bay with plenty of fun activities for your pet.


Before stepping out into the world, be sure your new pet is equipped with the appropriate gear. Some breeds, such as pugs, do better with harnesses than traditional leads, while others may prefer a simple collar. No matter the style, be sure they're safe and ready for their next adventure!

Spoiled Rotten


Essential oils, herbs, and holistic supplements are an excellent way to prioritize your pet's health and wellness. Explore the full selection for daily maintenance, senior health, anxiety, digestion, and more.


Don't forget to reward your new friend for a job well done! Treats are essential for obedience training as well as letting your dog know he's a very good boy (or girl!). There's no need for rewards to be unhealthy. Acana's Pork & Squash Dog Treats are loaded with both goodness and flavor.

Accessories and More

Once you have the basics covered, it's time to spoil your new dog with sweaters, bedazzled collars, and comfy blankets. Start by picking out the perfect bed for your pet to snuggle up in after a long day of fun. Welcome home, new friend!

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