Take a Walk on the Wild Side: The Benefits of Feeding Raw Pet Food

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side: The Benefits of Feeding Raw Pet Food

Our companion animals are wild things at heart! Although our cats and dogs may have traded hunting in the jungle for lounging on the couch, it's important to feed their inner beast. Many commercial pet food diets contain chemicals, fillers, and additives that don't stack up when it comes to meeting the needs of your pet's natural diet.

Ditch the junk and discover the benefits of feeding raw pet food with Nourish.

Protein Packed and Nutrient Dense

It may surprise you to learn that most cats and dogs aren't getting enough protein. Cats are obligate carnivores. This means they've evolved to crave meats like fish and poultry, without added fillers found in most commercial cat foods. Dry kibble is also low in moisture, which is difficult to digest and tough on your cat's kidneys and teeth. 

Make the switch to real, wholesome nutrition with alternatives like Answers Frozen Chicken Carton. The rich combination of moisture dense nutrients and raw protein promotes a optimal weight alongside "full kitty" health and wellness. 

Dogs may be omnivores, but this doesn't mean our canine companions will tolerate any kibble we serve. Despite their toilet drinking, trashcan raiding quirks, dogs are actually quite discerning! A raw diet that provides high protein alongside other wholesome nutrients will have everyone's tail wagging for healthy eats.

Give Stella & Chewy's Raw Blend a try for a holistic pet food alternative made with fresh lamb, beef, and pork served alongside organic spinach, lentils, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and protein rich chickpeas.

Allergy Friendly 

If your pet suffers from food allergies, you know itchy skin and watery eyes can make even the happiest of furbabies miserable. Grain, soy, and fillers are often the culprit behind a pet's sensitivities. A raw food diet is a great way to manage your dog or cat's allergies naturally and without the need for steroids and medication. Plus, a raw diet keeps your pet's coat healthy and radiant!

Talk to your vet about which raw food option is best for your pet. 

Primal is a convenient, freeze dried alternative to commercial diets that's simple to serve, stores well, and even comes in a variety of treats for good boys and girls.

Changing the Menu -- The Easy Way

Transitioning to a raw pet food diet can seem daunting. Fortunately, as more and more pet parents to holistic nutrition for their dog or cat, a variety of easy to prepare, no mess options are available, from frozen to freeze dried. All of our products use High Pressure Processing (HPP) to prevent bacterial contamination. When preparing meals for your pet, always wipe down counters and prep food on a clean surface. Wash hands after feeding, as you would with any raw meat product.

Best of all, our Houston friends can enjoy same day local delivery and frozen delivery. Find out more about setting up your personal delivery schedule for great eats straight to your doorstep with Nourish!

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