The Pawsitive Benefit of Human Interaction in Cat Boarding

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The Pawsitive Benefit of Human Interaction in Cat Boarding

For many pet owners, the prospect of leaving their cat alone while they embark on vacation is stressful enough to keep them home. Cats may act cool and collected, but our feline friends rely on human companionship. Daily interaction helps them feel safe and secure.

Luxury cat boarding with Nourish gives your cat a home away from home with individualized playtime, daily cuddles, and nightly tuck-in's. Human interaction is the difference between a kennel and a resort. 

Happy Cat Code

Cats, like people, come with their own unique personalities. Some kitties prefer their space, while others enjoy routine snuggles and chin scratches. Others may opt for feather teasers over quiet time, while many simply enjoy the sound of friendly voices. All cats are dependent on their pet parents to provide them with stimulation and interaction throughout their day. 

That's why our knowledgeable staff provides a personalized care experience for each and every guest. Your kitty can look forward to individual play times with his or her favorite toys. We love it when our residents bring items from home to provide comforting, familiar scents!

Just Like Mom and Dad

You may be surprised to discover that your cat takes after you! Just like a fuzzy toddler, cats learn from their pet parents. A recent study from the University of Messina's Veterinary Medicine journal found that environment plays an enormous role in shaping a cat's personality. Even more noteworthy was the significance of human companionship.

It's a common misconception that cats do "just fine" when left alone over a weekend or with a drop in house sitter. In fact, the absence of human interaction can cause stress, anxiety, and depression in our feline friends. This is where the value of a full service cat resort comes in. Continuous human interaction not only ensures safety, but keeps your cat feeling loved and secure when their parents are away.

Fun for Pet Parents Too

During your cat's stay, we'll send you regular updates and photos. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your furbaby is in good hands. In a few visits you'll have a kitty vacation album to display beside your own travel journal!

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