Why Short Term Boarding is the Cat's Meow

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Why Short Term Boarding is the Cat's Meow

Whether you're leaving home for a few hours or a few days, short term boarding is a great option for your cat. It's easy to fall into the assumption that cats will "be fine" if left alone for a day or two. In reality, our feline friends require the same level of care and comfort as their canine companions. 

Treat your best furry friend to a luxury cat boarding experience at Houston's best cats-only staycation destination!


Don't be fooled by your kitty's aloof demeanor! Cats are just as anxiety prone as dogs. Like most companion animals, cats thrive on routine and consistency. The sudden shock of being left alone while their pet parents are away can be highly stressful. In fact, recent studies have demonstrated that cats are not so much aloof as discerning. They bond strongly their person and miss their human when they're away at work. Bad behaviors such as knocking a glass of water off a shelf, can in fact by a cry for attention!

Nourish Pet Care offers a personalized boarding experience that mirrors the comfort of home. Kitty guests receive one-on-one attention and dedicated playtime with their favorite toys.


Weekend stays or short term drop offs are the perfect way to prepare your cat for longer vacations. Even a couple hours can make all the difference to a kitty when it comes to bonding with our feline friendly staff, scoping out their new environment, and enjoying hours of pampering!

Developing a routine is key when it comes to reducing stress and last minute anxiety for both you and your cat. Nourish's luxury cat cabana will quickly become your pet's home away from home.

Peace of Mind

Worrying about your cat's safety is no way to spend a day out. There are far too many risks to leaving cats alone. Electrical cords, spilled water bowls, windows left open, sudden heat waves and many other factors can put your best friend in danger. 

Our knowledgeable caretakers offer 24-hour supervision and nightly tuck-ins to ensure your pet is always happy, healthy, and -- most importantly -- safe. Independent ventilation systems ensure our guests are always comfortable, even in unpredictable weather conditions. Medications are administered free of charge and a variety of "vacation home" options exist, from suites to villas. Short term stays provide security for owners and the pets they love.

 Ready to book your next weekend away? Nourish Pet Care's luxury cat boarding has you and your kitty covered.

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