"I first found out of Nourish Pet Care by googling them. I was in serious need of cat boarding services in Houston and I was lucky enough to have found them. I was very impressed with their cats only boarding environment and ended up boarding my Abyssinian cat, Oliver for 8 nights. They sent me awesome email updates everyday with pictures of his playtime! When I picked him up I mentioned the strong smell that I would notice whenever he used his litter box and asked if they noticed it as well. Linda, the owner of Nourish Pet Care explained that they fed him a high quality kibble and a variety of canned food. I learned that the odor was a consequence of not feeding any sort of wet food to Oliver. That day I ended up buying Addiction canned food for cats and Oliver goes crazy for it! I’ve never seen him so excited to eat. It’s been a little over 2 weeks and the odor when using the litter box is now gone. Thanks so much for all your help!"

"I brought in Tessa a few weeks ago in hopes of finding a proper solution for her. She’s an australian shepherd. She’s always been very active and playful, but soon I noticed that she just wouldn’t play or even feel like doing much other than lay around. She had no energy like she did before when I got her as a puppy. I took her to the vet and all they wanted to do was draw blood and run test after test while putting her on some science diet, but I knew there had to be a better solution. I did a little research and found Nourish Pet Care. The staff was very welcoming when I first arrived and I was happy to see they were quite interested in helping me with my situation. I explained that she was on the lazy side and there was a weird smell coming from her. I was told to try the Vital Essentials, a raw diet as well as Answers Raw Goat milk–both high in vitamins and enzymes that were guaranteed to help out Tessa. I couldn’t believe it, but I saw a huge improvement in Tessa in less than a week! She’s been a lot better since. Her energy is great again and she’s back to her cheery self. Plus, the diet has definitely bettered her skin and coat. I’m very satisfied with the help obtained through Nourish Pet Care and will be going in whenever needed."

"Nourish is the “Cheer’s” of the Houston Pet Store world. When you walk in the door, everyone knows your name AND your pet’s name. We moved to Houston from Los Angeles and needed to find a pet store with a holistic mindset. The moment my boss, my Japanese Spitz- Savoy-, pulled me into Nourish; I knew that we had found that place. Bill, Linda, and Rosie gave us the warmest greeting plus gave us a guided tour of the super clean shop. I checked out the cat boarding while Savoy perused the dog food and treats. Savoy will be bringing back to Nourish often. She knows who has the best treats."

"I have now boarded my diabetic cat, Phoebe, at Nourish Pet Care during two out of town trips. Their Houston luxury cat boarding is a great location that spoils Phoebe as if she was their own. Linda spent a lot of time with me prior to cat boarding to make sure she understood the details of what was needed for Phoebe in terms of administering her twice daily insulin injections, when and how I wanted them to take periodic blood glucose tests, feeding, etc. During both trips I have gotten email updates several times each day to let me know how she is doing, sending me photos of her, and reporting her blood test readings. The cat boarding room is one of the best in Houston because it is clean and modern and the kitty “condos” are spacious. Phoebe also got twice daily 30 minute play times out of her condo and from the emails I received it is obvious she got lots of attention and love from the staff…probably more than she gets at home with our 6 animals! Linda has given me great suggestions not only in dealing with the diabetes and recommending products for Phoebe, but also discussing with me the foods I give our two collies and making recommendations. If you or someone you know needs cat boarding in Houston, or if you are looking for a great selection of quality natural pet foods and products at great prices, I highly recommend checking them out!"