Capstar Flea Treatment for Cats, 11.4mg / 6ct box

Don’t let a few fleas turn into an infestation. Treat all your dogs and cats with fast-acting Capstar and start killing adult fleas in just 30 minutes. The oral tablet is so fast and effective, you can literally see the dead fleas fall off your pet.

Safari by Coastal Flea Comb, Extended Handle

The Safari® Dog Flea Combs help identify fleas and dry, flaky skin early so you can prevent further infestation or discomfort.

Advantage 2 Bayer Cat Flea Prevention & Treatment, 9 lb+

Fleas shouldn’t come between you and your pet. Advantage® II flea treatment for cats kills fleas through contact, so you can get back to playing with your cat – fleas not invited.


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